Sight by Juliet Madison

Sight: The Delta Girls - Book One - Juliet Madison

I received a digital copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review thanks to Diversion Books and NetGalley


First of all, what an awesome page turner book! I literally just dive in through the story finishing this in one sitting all night and I can't help myself to not write down how I felt about this book immediately.


I started this book without knowing so much about it. The blurb sounds amazing but it didn't gave away the story much so I pretty much reading this in a total blind state. And then BAM! at exactly the first ten pages of the story I knew this story was going to be an epic read for me. The plot was really interesting. It was about this Delcarta sisters who suddenly have a psychic ability of their own after one of the sisters, Savannah, woke up from her coma. Their ability turned out to be stronger when connected to one another.

The characters was a bit overwhelming at first that I needed to write down who's got what power (yeah, I'm just that type of reader). But I loved the sisters as soon as I got into it. They each has their own unique personality that balanced each other out and it just suits their ability so much. Their relationship was also very fun to read. What I did find a bit distracting was how fast Savannah and Riley's romance started and it felt too instant for me. But the book was slightly in a fast paced motion and wasn't really that long so I still could tolerate the romance. I mean, the romance was making the story a bit lighter so that it wouldn't be all crimes and mysteries. And Riley's character was also likable with all his past and everything that was going on between him and Savannah, so it wasn't all that annoying kind of romance.


The plot twist, however, was kind of predictable for me—for I have a sixth sense of guessing who it was. Well, apparently since I also had a psychic ability I should be joining the sisters now :D. No, I actually wrote down the clues and my suspects as I get through it (don't mind me, I really like solving mysteries pretending to be a detective). But, even though my guess was right, that ending was still really well done!


Overall, the book was really brilliant and I enjoyed it so much. It was a fast read and an awesome book. I really can't wait to read more of The Delta Girls' amazing stories. And by the way, I love all of the series' cover so far. Check out Juliet Madison's post about those covers!