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Sight by Juliet Madison

Sight: The Delta Girls - Book One - Juliet Madison

I received a digital copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review thanks to Diversion Books and NetGalley


First of all, what an awesome page turner book! I literally just dive in through the story finishing this in one sitting all night and I can't help myself to not write down how I felt about this book immediately.


I started this book without knowing so much about it. The blurb sounds amazing but it didn't gave away the story much so I pretty much reading this in a total blind state. And then BAM! at exactly the first ten pages of the story I knew this story was going to be an epic read for me. The plot was really interesting. It was about this Delcarta sisters who suddenly have a psychic ability of their own after one of the sisters, Savannah, woke up from her coma. Their ability turned out to be stronger when connected to one another.

The characters was a bit overwhelming at first that I needed to write down who's got what power (yeah, I'm just that type of reader). But I loved the sisters as soon as I got into it. They each has their own unique personality that balanced each other out and it just suits their ability so much. Their relationship was also very fun to read. What I did find a bit distracting was how fast Savannah and Riley's romance started and it felt too instant for me. But the book was slightly in a fast paced motion and wasn't really that long so I still could tolerate the romance. I mean, the romance was making the story a bit lighter so that it wouldn't be all crimes and mysteries. And Riley's character was also likable with all his past and everything that was going on between him and Savannah, so it wasn't all that annoying kind of romance.


The plot twist, however, was kind of predictable for me—for I have a sixth sense of guessing who it was. Well, apparently since I also had a psychic ability I should be joining the sisters now :D. No, I actually wrote down the clues and my suspects as I get through it (don't mind me, I really like solving mysteries pretending to be a detective). But, even though my guess was right, that ending was still really well done!


Overall, the book was really brilliant and I enjoyed it so much. It was a fast read and an awesome book. I really can't wait to read more of The Delta Girls' amazing stories. And by the way, I love all of the series' cover so far. Check out Juliet Madison's post about those covers!




The Isle of The Lost by Melissa De La Cruz

The Isle of the Lost - Melissa  de la Cruz




I am a huge Disney fan since forever and I really love how this book brought my childhood fairytale-esque imagination back again. This book was really enjoyable and fun. It didn’t have so many drama going on in the story since The Isle of The Lost is the prequel to the Disney Channel Movie, The Descendants, so basically half of the book was introducing all the villain characters and how they end up being friends (or minions, I’m not sure).



For all of you Disney geek out there, make sure to check this book out. But for all of you that wasn’t quite a Disney fan, you will probably found this book a bit slow since honestly this book was really focused on introducing all this new characters that you won’t find in the original story. But I really enjoyed it and I can’t wait to watch the movie.





The Heir by Kiera Cass

The Heir - Kiera Cass

The Selection Series was one of my favorite series. I know the series weren't a perfect dystopian since the main focus of the story was "the selection" itself. But what I loved about the series was the fact that I didn't want it to have a masterclass world building, I was entertained enough with what the author offered which was The Bachelor styled love story. I enjoyed the story so much, beside the fact that it was a love triangle (or multi-angle since the selection girls who wanted to win Maxon were so many). I know, lots of dystopian fan didn't like this series but personally (or maybe I was in a good mood reading the series), I really liked the first three books. And that's why this book was a disappointment for me. I think, the author should have just stopped at the third book and made it a trilogy instead of adding two more books. What? Yes, you've read it, there are ONE MORE BOOK after this one.

Main character was the main problem. And that bothered me a lot. Eadlyn started off as this childish and spoiled teenager-soon-to-be queen who complained all the time. every pages. every sentences. She complained again and again about how miserable her life being a first born and the future queen of Ilea. she complained all the time about not having a normal life like a teenage girl should be. Okay, I understood the reasoning, but I didn't think it was enough when she had all the time to sunbathe and sketch nice dresses and collect jewelry. She complained because she will be THE FIRST WOMEN IN HISTORY to rule Ilea one day.

I tried not to complain. After all, I knew how fortunate I was. But there were days, or sometimes months, when it felt like far too much was piled on me, too much for any one person, really.


Eadlyn was constantly whining about her life. She whines about Josie, Kile, her little brother, the rule and restriction in the palace (which I didn't know any since she did everything she wants), the selection, the King for making her as a distraction, her mom and dad for not telling their own love story, her brother for having a girlfriend, her people for not loving her, and everything. It was supposed to make us feel story for her, but it was just too much. The only person I felt sorry for was Josie, since she lived in the Palace overshadowed by the "future queen" who hated her for using one of her SO MANY tiaras, but still she smiled and made the best of it, enjoying her life without complaining. Well, maybe she should have been the main character.

The story didn't really have the romance I was hoping to find. The selection was so boring and lacked energy. Maxon's selection was really entertaining because he was so creative to create so many challenges the girl must do and it was refreshing and enjoyable. But this time, the selection felt flat and dull since the only thing challenging was the game of Ilea's history, which unfortunately, didn't have many detail. The only thing detailed here was Eadlyn's whining.

I know I've said before that the lack of world building in the other three books didn't really bother me. Well, this time it bothered me a lot. I mean, what else should I read if the main character and the main plot was dull? I'd rather read the perspective of Maxon and America dealt with the rebellion and watching their daughter made a fool of herself. That would be more exciting.

The ending was another reason why I would rather read Maxon's point of view. Because it would really gave the impact of a cliff-hanger. But since I read it from this 'complaining machine' perspective, it didn't really matter whether it was a cliff-hanging end or not. Maybe it should be, so that Eadlyn's personality would change.

I would recommend you to just stop at the third book so that the last memory of the series would be about Maxon and America's heartwarming love story. But if you really REALLY want to read this one, just be prepared first (for a sniper with a complaining bullet from all over the place).




Dream a Little Dream by Kerstin Gier

Dream a Little Dream (The Silver Trilogy) - Kerstin Gier, Anthea Bell

It's in dreams more than anywhere else that you get to know people best—along with all their weaknesses and their secret.

The Precious Stone Trilogy has been my favorite books since the first time I read them. And after reading this, Kerstin Gier is now officially one of my favorite authors. Her originality of making a fantasy in a contemporary world was really amazing. It was like reading The Chronicles of Narnia since she had doors to travel through time, and now through people dreams. I finished this book in one sitting until the sun rose.


This book was really good in so many aspect. Liv's character was really fun to read. She was sweet but at the same time snarky and sarcastic. Her perspective was so funny, especially when she started quoting Mr. Wu—her Kung Fu teacher—humored me a lot. Lottie and Her sister's character was also  very entertaining. The characters alone kept me awake all night

The mystery wasn't that strong, since it was somehow quite predictable. But, I still enjoyed the thrill it brought since I didn't prepare myself for a mystery either when I started this. Well, I read it in the middle of the night and at some point the book had the word "conjure" and "Anabel" in one sentence, and that reminded me of The Conjuring. Just the sentence though, not the story. XD


I wasn't really a fond of main character being surrounded by so many hot guys, which in this case there were four of them. It didn't feel real to me at all. I would like more variety in the boys' appearance. After all, this wasn't supposed to be a love triangle so I didn't think if there were a normal-looking boy would affect the main story so much.

The romance was sweet but was really far unfocused on. I was hoping to know more about Henry and his relationship with Liv, since there were so many question remained unanswered about Henry. There were something off about him that I can't put my finger on.


Overall, the story was really good. It was entertaining but still had the effect of mystery in it. I need the second book as soon as possible that's why I'm really mad at myself right now for not paying attention to German back in high school. Argh! I really can't wait any longer for the next installment to be translated to English.